Intelligent high speed paper cup machine manufacturer from 1999

is the leading paper cup machine manufacturer based in China

Founded in 1999, it is a well established and well accepted name in a host of business realm. Within a short span of time New Debao has earned a unique name in the entire region of Asia and now its presence is visible in western countries also. New Debao’s core business is in intelligent paper cup machine, paper cup jacket machine, paper die cutting machine, paper cup production line. As such it is a leading manufacturer and marketer of these products.

Main Products
  • DEBAO-90T High Speed Double Wall Machine
  • DEBAO-90T High Speed Double Wall Machine This high speed paper cup machine is used for making corrugated paper cup, insulated paper cup. The paper cups with thermal insulating layer are used for McDonald's, KFC and other famous instant noodles companies.
  • DEBAO-D16 Paper Cup Making Machine
  • DEBAO-D16 Paper Cup Making MachineOur DEBAO-D16 paper cup making machine performs automatically in the continuous process of paper feeding,sealing,oil injection,bottom forming
  • DEBAO-L12 Paper Cup Making Machine
  • DEBAO-L12 Paper Cup Making MachineThis paper cup forming machine can finish the whole operations including paper feeding, oil casting, bottom punching, heating, knurling, edge curling and cups removing.
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